About Us


Labort Fine Chem Pvt. Ltd.

We introduce ourselves as a Leading Manufacturers of LABORT brand Laboratory Chemicals having manufacturing unit situated in South Gujarat near Surat with a team of expertise having rich experience of more than three decades in this field.

Labort has its own Quality Control Department equipped with Gas Chromatograph, UV-VIS double beam spectrophotometer, AAS, FTIR, HPLC, KF titrator, Melting & boiling point instrument, Digital analytical balance, pH Meter, Conductivity meter, Turbidity meter, flame photometer, Vacuum oven, Cryo bath, and many other necessary equipment’s, headed by our highly qualified Doctorate team. The team also looks after the Technical side of the Plant and, therefore, we are confident regarding the quality of our products.

Labort is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company since 2003 and the journey still continues, now LABORT will get certificate of ISO 9001:2015 soon.

We are pleased to inform you that we are exporting our lab chemicals to many countries. We are the pioneer in this field and we have experience of more than 30 years. We enclosed herewith our standard price list with our plant photo literature for your ready information.

Labort procures Raw materials from renowned and reliable Indian and International manufacturers who have got more than 10 years of experience in Laboratory Chemicals and have their own full fledge testing laboratory.

Labort uses only virgin materials for packing from the best available sources. Strict vigilance on repacking is kept by our expert team employing controlled atmospheric conditions, such as, temperature and humidity.

Labort also supplies the material as per the customer’s specifications together with Certificate of Analyses. Such tailored made materials are not generally available in the market.

Labort offers solvents specifically developed for the analysis of Organic Volatile Impurities (OVI) by GC-Headspace technique.

Labort has a wide range of High purity chemicals which are suitable for HSGC, LCMS, GCMS etc.

Labort also manufactures Certified Reference Material (CRM) and NIST traceable products accompanied with Certificate of Analysis.

Reference Materials and Solvents for Pesticide Residue Analysis (PRA)

Labort has started to manufacture Reference materials and Solvents for PRA.

Trials have been conducted for PRAs and we have successfully prepared several organic compounds of highest purity. These are analyzed and made ready for supplies.

The biggest advantage of Labort’s PRAs is that they are highly economical compared to imported ones.Our PRAs are well accepted in the market.

Keeping in mind the conveniences & requirements of user we offer our products in customer friendly packs in virgin containers compatible with the properties of chemicals. Pack size of small to large quantities offer distinct choice to the users for convenience in economy, storage, safe handling, ageing and stability.

Labort believes in providing whole some service to their customers and supports them with Certificate of Analysis, MSDS etc. on request.

Labort also entertains requests from their regular customers for any Laboratory / Fine chemical not listed in this PRICE LIST or with unique specifications / packing requirements.

Labort endeavors to provide best support and service towards customer’s delight.

We, with our small introduction, request you to register our name as your approved vendor list of laboratory chemicals and send us your valued purchase enquiries which will not only encourage us but will give a boost to a local manufacturer who are committed to give best services by supplying quality material

Labort also provides necessary documentation for pharmaceuticals units.