Labopure Multi – ION Chromatography Standard (IC)


LABORT offers an extensive range of Single and Multi element lon Chromatography Standard Solution, for the calibration in ion-exchange chromatography (IC).

LABORT also, offers custom-made standards as per customer requirement. When calibrating your ion chromatography system, it’s always better if the composition of your standard is similar to that of your samples

LABORT’S single element standard for IC are available from low (<100 ppm) to high (1000 ppm) concentration range.
Above standards are prepared using high purity salts and 18 mega ohm deionized water and are filtered to eliminate column blocking and to maximize column life. All IC standards are traceable to primary standard reference materials from NIST (except fluoride).

Benefits of Labort’s IC standard solutions

  • Ready to use calibration standard
  • Traceability to standard reference material from NIST
  • Precision, accuracy and reliability
  • Extended column life
  • Easy handling

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